Clubs 2023/24

We have many and varied lunchtime and after school clubs.  Everyone has the chance to get involved.  The following School Clubs will be available from September 2023.

Our Foundation Stage 2 pupils and Key Stage 1 children also have opportunities to take part in the activities our young leaders organise during lunchtimes.  Children do not have to sign up for these and can just take part on the day.

ClubDayTimePerson Responsible
Reading Club Year 1 & 2Monday12.30-1.00pmMiss Northen/ Mrs Joplin 
Music KS2Monday12.40-1.00pmMrs Laugton 
School Council/Eco Warriors/Road Safety (Children will be informed when elections completed)Monday3.15 – 4.15pmMrs Atkinson 
Craft Club Years 5/6Monday3.15 – 4.15pmMrs Irvin 
Construction Club Year 1 & 2Tuesday12.30-1.00pmMrs Platten 
Drama & Performance Years 4, 5, 6 (£2 per session)Tuesday12.30-1.00pmMiss Lisa 
Running KS2Tuesday3.15 – 4.15pmMr. Trott 
STEM Club Year 6 (Separate letter given)Tuesday3.15 – 4.15pmMrs Platten 
Knitting Club KS2Wednesday12.30-1.00pmMrs Kirkwood 
Netball Club Years 5/6Wednesday3.15 – 4.15pmMrs Campy/Mrs Gardner 
Rollerblading Years 5/6 (Limited to 12 places)Wednesday3.15 – 4.15pmMrs Altoft/Miss Jessop 
Netball Year 3/4Thursday3.15 – 4.15pmMr Barnes 


ClubDayTimePerson Responsible
Piano/singing Year 2 – 6Tuesday/WednesdayAll dayMrs Creswell
Music FS2 – 6*VariousVariousMrs Creswell contact on