We are the Eco-Warriors and we are helping the school to be more eco-friendly.  We want our school to help to save our planet and to do this we have to be aware of how we use energy and resources in the school.

So that everyone can be a part of this we have put up reminders around our school.  These help everyone to remember to turn of lights, not leave equipment on standby and not to waste water.  We have asked everyone to use paper wisely and to re-use any ‘whoops a daisies’ as scrap paper.

With the help of members of our school community we have been investigating our energy consumption and have made a short film about it.

In the school grounds we have a pond area that we keep very naturally this encourages wildlife, birds and insects.  We have seen frogs and newts.  We hope to continue to develop the area and have applied for a grant to do this.

The Eco-Warriors

This year we have a dedicated Litter Crew so that our school always looks tidy. They also remind everyone to make sure all litter goes in the correct bins.