Recycle Re use Re loved Sale

On Thursday 6 February 2020 we held our fourth sale. This year Class 2 took the lead as shop workers. This caused great excitement in setting up the shop and handling and counting the money. All the children from FS1 – Year 6 had the opportunity to visit the sale and make a purchase. The left over items were given to local charity shops.

Our school is trying to help to save our planet the sale helps the children to be more aware of waste, that items can be used again rather than putting them in landfill sites. We also have a good second hand uniform rail which parents/carers and pupils are encouraged to make use of. The items are clean and tidy and free. If you would like to view the items on the rail just ask a member of staff.

Thank you to Class 2 & Mrs Irvin for organising and running the sale and thank you for your support.