Subject Leader : L. Mallison


At Brandesburton Primary School, we endeavour to provide a platform for all children to achieve at the highest level through a skills based, creative and progressive Music curriculum. We believe that each child’s innate curiosity should be encouraged and thus our curriculum supports innovative thinking and learning.   Implementing a well-rounded, culturally rich curriculum. 

At Brandesburton, we follow the sentiments of both the Art for Art’s Sake The Impact of Arts Education (OECD – Centre for Educational Research and Innovation) and the Arts Council; both advocating the positive impact that the Arts have on educational outcomes. A robust Arts curriculum is believed to enhance performance in non-arts academic subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and writing; furthermore it is argued that it strengthens children’s motivation, self-confidence and has a positive impact upon mental health and well-being. Consequently, we firmly believe that the arts are a crucial and fundamental part of a child’s education. Music allows children the opportunity to express themselves creatively whilst learning about great composers and the subsequent impact that their music has on wider society. Research shows that the arts contribute great to children’s development, harnessing and supporting growth in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. Moreover, it empowers the children to further develop their innate sense of wonder and curiosity.

The children of Brandesburton Primary School will expand their understanding of musical language and terminology through the effective teaching and conscientiously thought-out sequences of lessons and skills progressions; following the Charanga music platform.


The delivery of music at Brandesburton Primary school ensures that each child is afforded the opportunity to; listen to great composers across a range of genres, sing, play instruments, perform musical compositions, critically evaluate music and evaluate their own work. Music is delivered on a weekly basis in each class, children also attend singing assemblies and partake in concerts and performances. Moreover, children are offered the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments through expert tution.

Music lessons are delivered using the award winning music program; Charanga. Using the Charanga platform ensures that teachers are able to deliver inclusive lessons for all children to access the national curriculum in a fun and engaging manner. Furthermore, the Charanga platform provides CPD in music teaching; therefore we are able to ensure that all teachers are confident and supported in delivery. Consequently, teachers are able to follow sequential lesson plans that build upon the children’s skills taught in previous lessons and year groups

Musical terminology and the elements of music are taught as part of lessons; thus children are able to use age appropriate musical language to critique compositions, in addition to being able to comprehend how the composition was composed. Across each year group children are afforded the opportunity to play the Glockenspiel as part of their music lessons as well as having access to other instruments should they be needed to teach the lesson.


Learning about great composers across a wide range of music genres empowers children to establish an understanding of culture and history; within the United Kingdom and globally. 

The way in which we teach music and provide additional opportunities provides children with the ability to enjoy great music in a plethora of ways; listener, creator and performer. Through teaching music in a comprehensive manner and offering extra-curricular experiences children develop a sound knowledge of musical genres; thus giving them the opportunity to have meaningful discussions about music; providing their own thoughts and opinions supported by their gained knowledge. Each year the children build upon their ability to dissect music and comprehend its parts.

At Brandesburton Primary School, all children are afforded the opportunities beyond the national curriculum to enhance their understanding; from visits from musicians, working with great musicians, taking part in music festivals, through to school productions and performances. The learning of an instrument is encouraged and supported by the school.