Forest Schools

Brandesburton Primary School

Forest School

At Brandesburton Primary School our pupils thoroughly enjoy taking part in Forest Schools activities.  

Forest schools involves nature-based activities and nurtures learner led exploration and discovery leading to meaningful experiences for positive lifelong impacts.  

Forest schools aims to develop in children the skills they need to be effective learners developing a love of nature and the outdoors.  

Well-being is the foundation of our practice and through recognising the social, emotional and physical needs of our pupils, we provide a variety of tasks outside.  

Collaboration and challenges are key.  Character building, resilience and empathy are developed and a greater sense of connection with nature are promoted.  

Forest School encourages children to:  

  • develop personal and social skills
  • work through practical problems and challenges
  • use tools to create
  • discover how they learn best
  • pursue knowledge that interests them
  • learn how to manage failures
  • build confidence in decision making and evaluating risk
  • develop practical skills
  • explore connections between humans, wildlife and the earth
  • regularly experience achievement and success
  • reflect on learning and experiences
  • develop their language and communication skills
  • improve physical motor skills
  • become more motivated
  • improve their concentration skills