A science report from Mrs Carey (Science Governor)

It was wonderful to observe (socially distanced and wearing a mask) part of the science workshop in school on Tuesday (25.05) and once again, after what feels like a very long time, feel the buzz of learning in school.

The whole of KS2 participated via a Microsoft Teams link to the Charity Smartstemsthem in Glasgow.  They were challenged to create a Paper Plate Tower from 5 paper plates, string, scissors and as much tape as they could muster! Staff were on hand for technical support but instructed not to give design advice! Teams of four, of mixed ages, worked excitedly as the 20 minute timer counted down on the screen, thinking caps were visible as plates were cut, stuck, slotted together to build free standing towers. 90 cm was the winning height. (It had been 99cm but suffered a degree of droop!)

As always, the children actively listened to the presentation and showed their work with pride when the camera was flipped to them.