Brandesburton Primary School

Subject Leader : L. Mallison


At Brandesburton Primary School, we endeavour to provide a platform for all children to achieve at the highest level through a skills based, creative and progressive Art and Design curriculum. We believe that each child’s innate curiosity should be encouraged and thus our curriculum supports innovative thinking and learning.   Implementing a well-rounded, culturally rich curriculum. 

At Brandesburton, we follow the sentiments of both the Art for Art’s Sake? The Impact of Arts Education (OECD – Centre for Educational Research and Innovation) and the Arts Council; both advocating the positive impact that the Arts have on educational outcomes. A robust Arts curriculum is believed to enhance performance in non-arts academic subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and writing; furthermore it is argued that it strengthens children’s motivation, self-confidence and has a positive impact upon mental health and well-being. Consequently, we firmly believe that the arts are a crucial and fundamental part of a child’s education. The arts allow children the opportunity to develop a range of methods in which they can express themselves creatively whilst learning about great artists and the subsequent impact on wider society. Research shows that the arts contribute great to children’s development, harnessing and supporting growth in creativity, independence, judgement and self-reflection. Moreover, it empowers the children to further develop their innate sense of wonder and curiosity.

The children of Brandesburton Primary School will expand their understanding of the language of art and the implementation of artistic skills through the effective teaching and conscientiously thought-out sequences of lessons and skill progressions. Our art curriculum will promote the development of the children’s critical abilities and understanding of cultural heritage (both their own and others’) through exploration of great artists and designers.


  • At Brandesburton Primary School, art topics are blocked in Key Stage One to afford the children a greater opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, studying each topic in depth.
  • In Key Stage Two art topics are taught weekly over a half-term, following predetermined skill progressions to ensure that each child is taught according to their year group rather than mixed year group class.
  • Art is taught sequentially following a research,  skills development, final piece and evaluation format.
  • As per the national curriculum each child in Key Stage 2 has their own sketchbook; which follows them from Year 3 through to Year 6. Ownership of a sketch book allows the children to construct their skills and ideas, through initial sketches, skill development and re-visitation of work completed previously.
  • Each child at Brandesburton Primary School is afforded the opportunity to learn the skills of drawing, painting, printing, sculpting and digital art by learning about great artists and their work.
  • Whilst learning about great artists the children take part in discussions to critique work and discuss how it will impact upon their pieces of artwork.
  • Across the school the curriculum is planned to ensure that children are afforded the opportunity to revisit skills to ensure that children can extend their knowledge and practise.
  • We promote cross-curricular links to allow the children to make connections between art and wider society and historical importance; in addition to academic links.
  • When possible opportunities are planned to provide arts experiences for the children including visits to art galleries, museums and visits to school from professionals.
  • Staff are provided with CPD opportunities to support teaching, learning and assessment.

In EYFS, children explore and use a wide range of media and materials through a combination of child initiated and adult directed activities. They have opportunities to learn to:

  • Explore the textures, movement, feel and look of different media and materials
  • Respond to a range of media and materials, develop their understanding of them in order to manipulate and create different effects.
  • Use different media and materials to express their own ideas
  • Explore colour and use for a particular purpose
  • Develop skills to use simple tools and techniques competently and appropriately
  • Select appropriate media and techniques and adapt their work where necessary


The impact of our Art Curriculum at Brandesburton Primary School is to promote the opportunity for each child to engage with the work of great artists to provide the platform for our children to be great artists. The children will create portfolio/sketchbooks of work based evidence that showcases their art work for others and themselves. Each child in the community of our school will be encouraged to display their creative flair in addition to being innovative and reflective upon their own work and that of others; using subject specific vocabulary. The use of sketchbooks and portfolios and discussions about artists and their techniques; children will learn that art can be critiqued and developed further (applying this same philosophy to their own work).